Isabella Catography started in 2004 after the arrival of Isabella's second feline friend MoMo, a beautiful Longhair Burmilla male. Because of her love for MoMo, Isabella wanted to capture every moment of his life in her tiny digital camera.

Since then Isabella has taken portraits of many other cats, kittens, dogs and puppies for both pet owners and breeders. In 2007, one of Isabella's Birman photos was licenced to Snappy Tom for their Snappy Tom Ultimates promotion. Since then more of Isabella's photos have appeared on pet food packaging and promotions. Her photos can also be seen on numerous websites worldwide and print publications.

Isabella's photos are beautifully composed with exciting vibrant colours. However, when the mood or environment permits, black and white photography is also used.

As a registered Longhair Burmilla breeder, Isabella has a unique bond with animals especially cats. This allows her to capture the true personality of each and every animal she photographs.

If you want to immortalise your pet through beautiful professional photography, please do not hestiate to drop us a line. Isabella is able to visit your home so that your pet is photographed in the most comfortable and secure environment.

Please click on "Gallery" - "Client Gallery" to see Isabella's latest photography.

Isabella Catography now offers other complimentary services especially for cat and dog breeders. Click on the "Web Design" and "Cattery Card" tabs.

**Animal Talent**

As we have had a lot of requests for animal talent. Isabella Catography is able to provide you with the animal talent you require. Although we specialise in cat photography, we also work with dogs and other animals. Please let us know your requirements and we will be able to assist you with finding the animal you need for the job.

Contact Isabella - Ph: 0413 830 730